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3 day/2 night Udon Thani/ Bueng Kan/ Nakhon Phanom

3 day/2 night Udon Thani/ Bueng Kan/ Nakhon Phanom

Depart every Saturday

 Day 1

               Arrive Udon International Airport by Morning flight. Meet our tour guide at the Airport.

10.30   Depart for Life Community Museum Bueng Kan via Nong Khai.

12.00   Lunch at the local restaurant near by the river.

13.00   After lunch continue to Life Community Museum Bueng Kan.

14.30   Arrive Life Community Museum Bueng Kan. Learn the Isan way of life and try   

            making a local dessert.

            Life Community Museum is hidden in a quiet village and surrounded by the   

            beautiful nature of Bueng Kan, the smallest province on the border of Siam on the  

            northeast side. Old Isan wooden house, older than 60 years. It was renovated into a  

            community museum. By adopting a design that is natural-based Combined with  

            contemporary design Under the concept Dharma-Natural-Ordinary And open as a  

            sustainable tourism destination.

17.00 Depart for Baan Ta Thin (Home Sweet Home).

18.00 Check in at Baan Ta Thin.

            Relax and Refreshing.

18.30  Depart for dinner at Bueng Kan Walking Street.

20.00   Return to the hotel. 


Day 2

07.00   Breakfast at the hotel

08.00   Check out and travel to Hin Sam Wan (Three Rock Whale).

08.30   Arrive and explore Hin Sam Wan rock which it looks like a huge boulder placed three in a row shaped like a whale, parents are swimming together protruding from the mountain at Phu Sing.Here is also one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Phu Sing. Especially during the time when the sun rises.

11.00   Travel to Phu Thok, a location of Wat Chetiya Sri Viharn.  Phu Thok in Isan language means lonely mountain.

12.00   Lunch at the local restaurant near by Phu Thok.

13.30   Arrive and explore Phu Thok. The highlight of Phu Thok is wooden bridges and stairs to see the scenery around Phu Thok, using only workers to build 360 circular staircases around Phu Thok, which has a total of 7 floors, take a full 5 years to construct. From floors 1-7, there will be wooden stairs, walk straight stretches to the highest point of Phu Thok and from the third floor onwords, we can walk a circular bridge around mountain which will see a different perspective.

16.00   Depart Phu Thok and travel to Nakhon Phanom Province for Wat Phra That Phanom.

19.30   Arrive and explore Wat Phra That Phanom at night.

           Phra That Phanom is an important landmark of Nakhon Phanom Province, with the same architecture of the Phra That Khmer temple. Inside contains the sacred relics the Urangkathat (Breast bone) of the Buddha. There are also many valuable items, especially the gold tiered crowns on the top of the relics weighing 110 kilograms.           

20.00  Dinner at the local restaurant.

21.00  Check in and over night at That Phanom River View Hotel.


Day 3

 07.00   Breakfast at the hotel.

08.00   Check out and travel to Tai Yor Tribe Cultural Tourism Community (BanPhon). History of the Thai people The original home of Thailand. Located in Hongsa City,  Xayaburi Province of Laos or Lan Xang Province of Thailand for one time Most of the Tai Yor of the Mekong River.

 09.30   Arrive Tai Yor Tribe Cultural Tourism Community (BanPhon). Learn the culture Well-being of the Tai Yor people and how to weaving.

12.00    Lunch at Tai Yor Tribe Cultural Tourism Community (BanPhon).

13.00   Depart for Nakhon Phanom City Tour.

13.30   Arrive and explore Former Governor’s Resident Museum. The building is a 2 storey building with a gable shape made of bricks with Thai tiled roof, the ground floor is laid with cement tiles. The Fine Arts Department has registered as a historic site and organized as the Nakhon Phanom Provincial Museum, renovated to become a tourist attraction the important history of the people of Nakhon Phanom. On the ground floor exhibits a replica of the former governor’s work desk allowing tourists to sit and take pictures.

14.00  Depart Former Governor’s Resident Museum to Ho Chi Minh’s house

           Drive past The Vietnamese Memorial Clock Tower and Naga Monument.

           The clock tower was built by Vietnamese people living in Nakhon Phanom Province. 

           To commemorate before moving back to Vietnam to follow Ho Chi Minh after  

           winning the domestic war.

           Naga Monument,the new landmark of Nakhon Phanom is enshrined on the banks of

            the Mekong River. Phraya Sri Sattanagaraj  is the largest brass serpent in the Isan region which has outstanding beauty.

14.30   Arrive and explore Ho Chi Minh’s house, is another place that is a tourist attraction and a place that has been inscribed in history. Because in the past, “President Ho Chi Minh” used to build a house and live here to find a united front to restore independence to Vietnam over the last 90 years.

15.00   Depart for Nakhon Phanom Airport.

            Check in at the Airport.

16.50   Depart Nakhon Phanom to Don Mueang Airport by …..

18.05   Arrive Don Mueang Airport.




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