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TAT / Thai Airways NZ Travel Agent Familiarisation in Phuket article
Tourism Authority of Thailand / Thai Airways NZ Travel Agent Familiarisation
Bangkok & Phuket
11-18 September 2013

Karen Hodgson |Go Holidays |Auckland

Thought the AF Tour guide was just lovely, occasionally the language barrier would get in the way but overall was very happy.  Would be good if tour guides would announce what area we are entering as I got a little lost at times especially in Phuket, tried to follow a map but was unsure where we were, just helps with the bearings.

Lee Johns|The Travel Brokers |Timaru

Again great!  Nawin was very good and attentative!

Aimee Moore |Eastridge Flight Centre| Flight Centre (NZ) Limited

Nawin the Narwhale!! Our guide Nawin was very funny, I don’t think he understood a lot of the jokes we were rocking out, but he was polite and very well organized! The only issue I had was that he was trying to jam a lot of activities in to our short time frame, though on the one hand this would be awesome, as he is maximizing time, but after traveling all morning we were all very exhausted and he probably could have cut out a few activities. Nonetheless, he was a very good tour guide, and I would definitely recommend him.

Vanessa Kum | Mairangi Bay Flight Centre | Flight Centre (NZ) Limited 

Nawin is a friendly and personable tour guide!  Very accommodating – diversified from our scheduled itinerary slightly to suit the groups preferences.  Always punctual and organised.  All arrangements in Phuket ran smoothly.  Did his best to answer any questions (although sometimes there were comprehension issues!)  Would have been great to receive more of a ‘commentary’ with points of interest, landmarks etc. when getting from ‘A to B’ to get a better orientation of Phuket and the islands.

Samantha Pritchard | Flight Centre Henderson Square | Flight Centre (NZ) Limited 

Nawin, was a good guide, he always made sure that we didn’t lose anything and he made sure to double check everything with us. Towards the end of our trip there,  he let his guard down and you could have a laugh with him. I guess for him it was harder to do that, as he was working.
Christine Rutherfurd|Harvey World Travel Waiuku|Auckland 

Nawin-wealth of local knowledge 
Had inside information on local attractions i.e. Golf Courses and place to visit
Helpful and amendable.

Erika Hendley |American Express Travel |Auckland 

It was great to see the difference in our tour guides from what we got in Bangkok to the guide we had in Phuket. Phuket had a much laid back island way of life which defiantly showed in our guide. 


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