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Temples Tour article

Wat Trimit, Wat Po & Marble Temple Tour, Bangkok

Karen Hodgson |Go Holidays |Auckland

Loved the temple's tour as I have never been to one before, couldn't believe how many different types of Buddha's there were. They were just stunning. Would definitely recommend a temple's tour to clients especially for first timers!
Interesting to learn the things you wouldn't know such as walk clockwise when visiting temples as it's good luck, you only go anti clockwise if you are at a funeral. Not allowed to touch monks, if you would like to take a photo with them you need their permission first but you can't stand too close. Shoes need to be removed before entering temples.

Lee Johns|The Travel Brokers |Timaru

A good day, not too long but I did feel for my clients probably the first 2 stops was adequate.  I understand however the full 3 did give a good overview.

Aimee Moore |Eastridge Flight Centre| Flight Centre (NZ) Limited

The temple tours were very beautiful and as I am quite interested in Buddhism culture, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it is definitely not something I would recommend to all my clients. I would definitely recommend one temple visit, but 3 was a bit much for some. I did enjoy the boat ride across the river to lunch, I think a boat ride across the river is a must do for every client!

Vanessa Kum | Mairangi Bay Flight Centre | Flight Centre (NZ) Limited 

Enjoyable and interesting tour visiting 3 of the most renowned temples in Bangkok.  

Amazing and beautiful Thai architecture at all temples!  Fascinating to see and learn about the numerous different types of Buddha statues with various hand gestures etc.

Samantha Pritchard | Flight Centre Henderson Square | Flight Centre (NZ) Limited 

Temple tour, I would always recommend that all my clients pre book this tour with a guide - the knowledge and information that you get with a guide, you can not read in a pamphlet. Like Suree telling us to always walk around the Buddha clock wise and not anti – clock wise. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour, learning about all the temples and the different Buddha’s and the whole Buddhism religion.

Erika Hendley |American Express Travel |Auckland 
A visit to the temples is something I would recommend to any one visiting Bangkok. As there are so many to choose from I would say that the reclining Buda would be the one to visit. You seen the passion that the people of for these temples with the amount of time and effort put into building and retaining the temples.


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